Michael S. Bloom is a Florida Supreme Court certified mediator and trained arbitrator offering services statewide in the Circuit Courts for civil, dependency and family court matters.  Michael is also certified at the County Court level for civil matters. Michael regularly conducts foreclosure mediations and arbitration proceedings and conducts redress mediation for the U.S. Postal Service in cases of employee/supervisor relations. Michael is available to come to your location anywhere within the state of Florida.


Michael S. Bloom, Esq.


Certified Appellate Court Mediator

Certified Circuit Court Mediator

Certified County Court Mediator

Certified Dependency Court Mediator

Certified Family Court Mediator

Qualified Foreclosure Mediator

Condominium Association Mediator

Homeowner Association Mediator

Redress Mediator, U.S.P.S.

Qualified Arbitrator

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